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Rachel Rivera – Antagonist, Brooklyn’s greatest good friend, Alicia’s greatest friend and Nathan’s ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Brigitte walks into Sage’s room and Sage tells her that Savvy’s coming over, and that she ought to in all probability go away. Brigitte gets offended by this and tells Sage that Savannah doesn’t like her. She tells him that she’s tried to be good but Savannah simply hates her. Brigitte thinks one thing’s incorrect together with her, and as Sage tries to consolation her, they virtually kiss till Savannah walks in, who was watching the entire time.

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There are several love interests, including Sage Bond (a collie dog, toy #58) and Savannah’s ex-boyfriend Tom Dawson (a white great dane toy, #577). A rivalry shortly begins instead of the previous friendship between the 2, with Savvy ultimately winding herself into a confusing web of relationship drama, grapples for social status, conflicting loyalties, and an consuming dysfunction on high of all of it. The ending clip then exhibits Tom standing close to the Eiffel Tower in France.

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After Brooke ignores Savannah’s pleads, the latter’s instincts kick in, and she or he inflicts a chew to Brooke’s cheek. Brooke responds by clawing Savannah’s forehead and again, this time even deeper. Savannah retaliates by shoving her into the lockers, which knocks Brooke unconscious.

  • Tom admits being in love with Savvy, and shortly both turn into boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Brooke calls her mom, solely to search out out that she would not care for Gigi, and tells her to stop calling whereas she is at work.
  • Brooke responds by clawing Savannah’s brow and back, this time even deeper.
  • Brooke then sneaks up behind her and sinks her claws into Savannah’s again, threatening her and demanding Mimi’s return.
  • Brooke denies this and leaves, calling Savannah a wiener-dog as soon as again.

Sage and Savannah kiss by the end, and plenty of complicated teen drama ends the season. The collection mostly follows two major characters and solid cfd liquidity of secondary characters. The main characters are Savannah Reed, nickname Savvy, (a brown wiener canine, toy #674) and Brooklyn Hayes, nickname Brooke (a blonde seal-point cat, toy #339).

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Tom admits being in love with Savvy, and soon both become boyfriend and girlfriend. Savannah Reed is a sixteen 12 months old girl from Montana, who strikes to California and attends a school called Orange County Day (or OCD) for the first time and meets Genevieve Ryan, « Genny » and Angelina Davis, « Lina ». However, the individual Savannah actually desires to meet is her childhood friend, Brooklyn Hayes. Despite her new associates’ warnings, Savannah tries to talk to Brooke, and is ultimately profitable. Brooke leads Savvy to a merchandising machine, in which they hide behind.

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He proclaims his affections for her, however Savannah stays uncertain. The two are then disturbed by a rustling sound within the bushes, which clearly upsets Mimi as nicely. Sage gets out of the automotive to investigate after they hear the sound again The screen then abruptly cuts to two new college students, Josh and Lana Lawrence. Lana and Josh claim their new schedules and maps from the primary office, before Lana ventures down a dark hallway.

Once her mom has left the room, Brooke simply will get onto her toes and tells her friends that the coast is clear, to which Alicia and Rachel race in. Rachel, beforehand on negative floor with Brooke, makes amends along with her. Brooke then proclaims to the each of them that they are going to damage Savannah’s social life.


The cricket then goes backwards and forwards between the 2 of them, with Brooke recklessly grabbing Mimi and hurting her. Meanwhile, Brooke is filling up « Gigi’s » meals bowl, calling her name, and she or he does not come. Brooke fakes being harm to attempt to name Gigi to her on this method.

Brooke then assaults Savannah and leaves cuts throughout her face. It tells the story of Savannah « Savvy » Reed, whose greatest friend is Brooklyn « Brooke » Hayes. Although Brooke has long since moved away, Savvy still thinks of her as a pal and is of course thrilled when she finds out she’s shifting to Orange County, where Brooke lives. Savannah is later shown to have stormed away from her parents, and is sulking miserably in her room. After climbing out of her window with Mimi, the two of them embrace.

After Tom explains his scenario, Violette’s affable and compassionate nature (along with being proficient in each English and French) ends in her offering her friendship to Tom, a proposal that he happily accepts. Tom playfully dons Violette « purple, » because the they determine to get coffee together. The similar day at lunch, Brooke returns, some pets are thrilled, whilst some usually are not. Brooke then meets Brigitte and tells her that they should hang out. After lunch, Savannah decides to indicate Sage the notice that was on her locker.

« The Popular series is rated PG-13. Parental and viewer discretion is advised. » – a warning in the video description of Episode 29.

Angelina « Lina » Davis – Supporting Heroine, Savannah and Genevieve’s greatest friend, has an unknown boyfriend. Brooklyn « Brooke » Hayes – Main antagonist, daughter of Ms. Hayes, Rachel and Alicia’s finest friend, Sage’s ex-girlfriend, Tom’s former love interest and enemy of Savannah Reed her ex-best friend. Savannah « Savvy » Reed – Main protagonist, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reed, Genevieve and Angelina’s best pal, Tom’s ex-girlfriend, Sage’s present girlfriend, and enemy of Brooklyn.

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Savvy tells Brooke that she does not scare her, and tells her that the note she thought she wrote was « cute ». Brooke denies this and leaves, calling Savannah a wiener-dog as soon as once more. It’s unclear if the sequence might be continued, since Nov 2019 the LPS YouTube neighborhood has suffered a blow due to the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) demonetizing YouTube movies which are baby pleasant.

SophieGTV’s most up-to-date non-LPS Popular video was made in Aug 2019, a number of months earlier than COPPA, and has yet to addContent any videos since. Brooke and Savannah get into an argument about Mimi, and how she has at all times loved Brooke, not Savannah, but that isn’t true. Again, Brooke threatens Savvy about urgent charges, which leads to Savannah telling Brooke about all the fun instances they used to have in seventh grade.


Tom starts dating Savannah in episode eight, however cheats on her with Brooklyn. By episode twelve Savannah has turn out to be well-liked too, and the Barbie Dolls have started to fall in reputation consequently, much to their frustration. Brooke tries to humiliate Savannah at a party, but this simply leads to Sage breaking apart with Brooke after realizing how mean she really was.

Savvy then tries to reconcile with Brooke, however is cruelly rejected. Brigitte leaves after Sage tells her that they were simply speaking….on the bed. Savvy confronts him of spending extra time with Brigitte than with her, and the way she is ALWAYS in his bedroom. Sage starts yelling at her as properly, and they get into a giant argument. The fight ends with Sage calling Savannah a « complete biotch » and Brigitte secretly smiling.

Except for episodes 1,2 and three that we’re not set as « made for teenagers » when Sophie brought again her old channel Sophiegarrettt. Currently, season one has been finished and season two is nearly accomplished. Brigitte LeBlanc – (unknown if heroine or antagonist), Long-time childhood good friend (« cousin ») of Sage.

Back at home, Savvy is having a daydream about Sage calling Brigitte beautiful. She is awoken by her mother telling her that she has a phone name. When she solutions it, a disguised voice telling her to be ready for Sage and Savvy’s breakup, and that her life ends now. The episode ends with the individual hanging up and the display screen going black. Later that day, Savannah, while at home, is confronted by her irascible dad and mom, who angrily berate her for having injured Brooke and getting herself suspended.

The episode opens with Savannah apologising as Brooke will get up, blood overlaying each of their faces and pooling on the ground. The latter spits on Savannah, responding « game over, » with profound injuries from the dispute. She then runs off while screaming out a modified version of what really happened. Brooke’s conspicuous shouting captures the attention of students and teachers roaming the halls.

Savannah develops a crush on Sage Bond, Brooke’s boyfriend, the second she sees him in the corridor. However, Sage would not discover Savvy and avoids eye contact along with her. This makes Brooke indignant, then livid when she hears that Sage and Savvy have turn out to be companions for a project. Romance begins to spark between Savvy and Sage, nevertheless they fizzle when Brooke starts making rumors about Savvy. Despite of its subject material and ranking, almost all of its episodes had been restricted by COPPA as « kid-friendly » movies.

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